Custom Tamper Evident Poly Zip-Top Bags

American Plastics Company offers fully customizable tamper-proof plastic bags that can be bottom-loaded for added security. These custom reclosable tamper-evident bags meet FDA and USDA specifications for food contact and can be used for food and non-food items alike to ensure that contents will not be disturbed before their intended use. 

Tamper-proof plastic bags are vital for many industries that require a plastic bag that will securely hold its contents with the confidence that an unknown breach cannot occur. Whether it is criminal evidence or candy, tamper-proof plastic bags will add the product transfer security you need.

Custom Printed Tamper Evident Bag Accessibility

The design of our fully customizable tamper-proof plastic bags is engineered so the content is loaded from the bottom and then heat sealed. Depending on your customization needs, we can manufacture your custom poly zip-top bags so the contents can be accessed by cutting the top of the tamper-evident bag or by opening the perforated tear strip.

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Perforated Tear Strip

The perforated tear on our custom printed tamper-proof plastic bags is easy to rip and it must be torn off for the bag to open. By utilizing this method, our custom bags will ensure that materials inside the bag are not tampered with in transit.

Bottom Loading Capabilities

Our fully customizable tamper-evident bags allow you the option of bottom loading your bags and then heat sealing them. This method will help you save time and money because it is faster than having to load a conventional zipper bag. 

Custom Tamper Evident Zip-Top Bag Features

Our custom printed tamper-proof plastic bags come with a bevy of standard features that will make your fully customized bag stand out from the rest, including:

  • Custom Tamper Proof Clear Plastic Zip Top, Bottom-Loading Bags printed or unprinted
  • Meets FDA/USDA specifications for food contact
  • Ensures that contents will not be disturbed before their intended use
  • Content is loaded from the bottom, then heat sealed
  • The content is later accessed by opening the perforated tear strip
  • Prevents theft and manipulation of your products

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Custom Tamper Evident Bag Applications

American Plastics Company’s custom printed poly zip-top bags are regularly used within a wide range of applications, some of which include:

  • Food Industry – Businesses in the food industry use our custom tamper-evident zip-top bags to ensure their customers receive their goods the way they intended.
  • Banks – Our custom tamper-evident bags are commonly used within the banking industry to transfer money without the worry of fraudulent activities.
  • Security – Police and security forces use our custom poly zip-top bags to process evidence without the threat of contamination or deceit.
  • Hospitals – Fully customizable tamper-proof plastic bags are used within hospitals to transfer highly potent drugs without the risk of unconfirmed access.
  • Transportation Security Administration (TSA) – The TSA regularly uses custom printed tamper-evident bags for the transportation of duty-free liquids.
  • Crime Scenes – Evidence collected at crime scenes needs to be collected without the risk of contamination. Our fully customizable reclosable tamper-evident bags provides the security needed for crime scene evidence transfers.

Tamper Proof, Reusable & Fully Customizable

Our custom poly zip-top bags will ensure that the bag’s contents are protected. These custom bags can also be reused due to its zip top functionality after the perforated strip comes off. By having a tamper-proof bag, it prevents theft and manipulation from your products. It is a good way for your customers to know that the contents in the bag were not tampered with in any way. We also offer fully customizable reclosable tamper evident bags, some of the custom options that we feature include:

  • Gauge (1mil – 4mil)
  • Print (1 color to 4 color process)
  • Size (4” to 20”)
  • And more

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