Custom Restaurant Take Out Bag

Custom Restaurant Take Out Bags

American Plastics Company is your best source for custom plastic products, including poly bags, poly film, and poly sheeting. American Plastics Company offers custom take out bags for all your food packaging needs.

Custom Take Out Bags to Meet Your Unique Needs

We have a complete line of different plastic bags related to packaging products. These custom bags are essential packaging products for all related food service industries. We offer these custom take out bags in a variety of diverse colors and styles for your preference.

Otherwise known as doggy bags, carry out bags, and to-go bags, our wholesale custom take out bags are ideal for restaurants and eateries because they are available in many different sizes to fit almost anything that might realistically go into such a bag. Our custom take out bags are perfect for food service industries as well as any other businesses in the restaurant industry that would require bags.

These bags can hold a wide range of goods without the risk of ripping and tearing. We also have wave top bags that are available in high density for your food service industry needs. These bags are made with high or low density material as well and are made with deep gussets to help the bags to stand without tipping over. This is important as it reduces the chance of spilling and it makes putting things into the bag a little easier.

Here at American Plastics Company, you can find virtually any wholesale plastic bag because we have many different styles available, such as take out bags, loop handle bags, and t-shirt bags, to give you the best bag that fits into your industry.

Custom Considerations for Your Take Out Bags

If you are looking to get a custom gauge, custom print, custom size, or any other custom feature on our bags, please contact us today to get a quote on custom take out bags.

For custom printing on bags, it is important to know whether you want process color printing or spot color printing. Process color printing involves a method that reproduces finished artwork or photographs. Spot color printing is more affordable and involves using a particular color for your bag.

If you have any questions about our custom poly take out bags, please contact our excellent customer service specialists for the answers you need. If you are looking for a standard size take out bag, visit our sister company Four Star Plastics to check the stock sizes offered. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our excellent customer service specialists.

Custom Restaurant Take Out Bags Features

  • Custom take out bags printed or unprinted
  • Variety of different colors and styles available for your preference
  • Perfect for food service and restaurant industries
  • Holds wide range of goods without the risk of ripping and tearing
  • Examples include take-out bags, wave top bags, and thank you bags
  • Features gussets to help fit more goods into the bag

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