Custom Reclosable Plastic Bags

When you need custom resealable plastic bags, look no further than American Plastics Company. We are the best source for custom plastic products, including poly bags, poly film, and poly sheeting. We offer a variety of custom reclosable zip-top bags for all your packaging needs. Our custom resealable bags are perfect for transporting items that need to be properly secured. Our fully customized printing feature allows you to effectively market your company or product while securely transporting your merchandise.

If you have any questions regarding our custom plastic reclosable plastic bags, please contact us. Our experts can help determine which custom zipper bags are best suited for your specific needs. In addition, if you are looking for a standard size Reclosable Zipper Bag, visit our sister company Four Star Plastics to check the stock sizes available for immediate shipping.

Custom Resealable Plastic Bag Types 

American Plastics Company features numerous types of reclosable zip-top plastic bags for a variety of applications. We specialize in unique types of custom reclosable plastic bags, including:

  • Amber reclosable poly zip top bags
  • Biohazard bags
  • Chemotherapy drug transport bags
  • White block zip top bags
  • Reclosable bags w/ hang holes
  • Pink anti-static reclosable bags
  • Polypropylene zip top bags
  • Die cut handle zip top bags
  • Static shielding zip top bags
  • Tamper-proof custom resealable bags

At American Plastics Company we provide all types of custom reclosable plastic zipper bags for your project needs.

Wholesale Custom Plastic Zipper Bag Applications

Our custom reclosable plastic zip-top bags are appropriate for many different packaging uses. We serve companies large and small, including the following industries:

  • Food industry- FDA & USDA certified
  • Healthcare industry
  • Automotive
  • Retail
  • Packaging
  • And many, many more

American Plastics Company offers top quality reclosable zippered bags at a great price. We can manufacture a wide range of assorted sizes, styles, and closures of high-quality reclosable bags. Our custom bags are recyclable. They are also great for items that need to be kept fresh or packaged again.

We can create reclosable bags in any gauge, print, or size. Our manufacturing capabilities also include working with specific custom features such as a white block or hang hole. Please request a quote for your next custom poly reclosable zipper bag project today.

Custom Resealable Plastic Bag Features 

Our reclosable plastic bags include several unique features, including:

  • Custom Plastic Reclosable Zipper Bags
    • Clear or White Block reclosable plastic bags
    • Printed or unprinted reclosable plastic bags
  • Appropriate for many different packaging uses
  • Great for items that need to be kept fresh
  • Wide range of sizes, styles, and closures
  • Recyclable

Reclosable Plastic Zipper Bag Customization

Our resealable plastic bags also offer industry specific customization that include:

  • Tamper evident bags. Certain bags are FDA/USDA certified for food contact
  • Biohazard bags such as Amber and Chemotherapy bags for healthcare applications
  • Cleanroom poly bags that are ISO 9001:2008 compliant. The custom cleanroom bags can also meet cleanliness level 100 requirements
  • Black conductive bags that provide ESD protection. Customization can also include heat sealable, meeting MIL-P-82646 REV B requirements

Contact the Experts at American Plastics Company Today

With over 40 years of expertise, American Plastics Company is an industry leader in custom plastics manufacturing. Let our highly skilled team help you with all your custom resealable plastic bag needs.    Contact us for more information on our custom reclosable plastic zipper bags or request a quote today.

Standard Wholesale Resealable Bags and Other Plastic Packaging In Stock and Ready to Ship Today

With 16 warehouses located across the US and an extensive selection of in stock sizes of plastic bags, poly film, poly tubing and plastic sheeting, you can count on our quality and experience to deliver the plastic packaging you need for your industry with fast shipping anywhere in the US.

To order standard wholesale plastic zipper bags or any other plastic packaging, please visit our sister company Four Star Plastics today! Our wholesale plastic bags, tubing and film are the perfect solution for all your protective packaging needs!