Custom Reclosable Anti-Static Plastic Bags

Our fully customizable anti-static poly bags are used for storing electronic components, which are prone to damage caused by electrostatic discharge (ESD).

Custom ESD bags are composed primarily of polyethylene that contains a static dissipative coating. This coating prevents buildup of a static charge on the surface of the bag, as it dissipates the charge to the ground point. The static dissipative coating also eliminates the hazard of static damage during packaging, storing, and shipping. In addition, our fully customizable pink anti-static bags are also amine-free, so it won’t damage sensitive polycarbonate boards.

American Plastics Company can create a custom ESD bag to perfectly fit your needs. Contact us for more information on customized ESD bag options, or request a quote to place an order.  

Custom Reclosable Anti-static Poly Bag Premium Quality Construction

Our custom printed reclosable anti-static bags are manufactured with 100% renewable energy. Anti-static products 4 mil and thicker are engineered to provide a surface resistivity less than 1x1012 ohms/sq and meet full static decay requirements of MIL-PRF-81705E, Type II and EIA-541. These bags feature good clarity and are very durable. Some examples of things you can store inside these bags include electrical components, clothing, and more.

At American Plastics Company we can custom produce lay flat items up to 98” wide and gusseted items up to 150” wide (width + depth) in gauges between 0.75-6 mil. If you are looking to get a custom gauge, custom print, custom size, or any other custom feature on our bags, please contact us today to get a custom poly reclosable anti-static bag quote.

Custom Reclosable Anti-Static Plastic Bag Applications

Our fully customizable pink or clear anti-static bags are used for several applications relating to electronic components, some of which include:

  • Packaging for electronic parts
  • Helps prevent mechanical damage
  • Shields from electrostatic damage

Custom ESD Bag Benefits

American Plastics Company’s custom printed pink or clear ant-static bags have the capabilities to protect your sensitive electronic devices from electrostatic discharge and other contaminants. Other benefits associated with our premium anti-static poly bags, include:

  • Custom Anti-Static Bags (Pink, Clear) printed or unprinted
  • Effectively eliminates the hazard of static damage
  • Amine-free, meaning it will not damage sensitive polycarbonate boards
  • Slightly transparent and manufactured with 100% renewable energy
  • Provides a surface resistivity less than 1x1012 ohms/sq
  • Meets static decay requirements of MIL-PRF-8170, Type II and EIA-541
  • Press and seal zip top reclosable closure

Pink or Clear Anti-Static Bag Features & Options

Our custom printed anti-static plastic bags are slightly transparent, which makes it easy to properly identify what is inside while being protected from static. These bags are also amine-free, so it won’t damage sensitive polycarbonate boards.

Our custom printed or unprinted reclosable anti-static poly bags are an excellent choice when static control is necessary, but Faraday Cage Protection is not required. Since the effectiveness of anti-static bags can deteriorate over time, it is advised to use new bags for quality assurance. We also manufacture custom Pink Anti-Static reclosable bags and Pink Anti-Static tubing.

Please contact our excellent customer service specialists if you have any questions about our custom anti-static bag features or options.

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