Custom Plastic Shopping Bags

Custom Printed Retail Bags

Plastic retail bags (also known as merchandise bags, tradeshow bags, or shopping bags) include a wide variety of specialty merchandise bags that can be customized to almost any application. These bags can be used in retail stores, in restaurants, at trade shows, craft fairs, and much more. 

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Custom Printed Retail Shopping Bag Applications

Fully customizable printed plastic bags create a branding effect and provide a low-cost-free approach to market your brand or company. Simply by providing your customer with a custom printed shopping bag with your company name and logo, you are effectively provided with a free mobile ad for your business that will be seen wherever the person with the bag travels. American Plastics Company has the capability to custom make many styles of retail bags including:

Custom Printed Wholesale Shopping Bag Benefits

Custom printed retail bags are a great tool for building brand awareness and recognition for your company. American Plastics Company can print bags with your company name, logo, image, or most any other design you can think of! We can print everything from a 1 color logo to a complex process print resembling a photograph. Some of the additional benefits of utilizing fully customizable retail bags for your business includes the following:

  • Builds brand loyalty
  • Helps to establish & build credibility
  • Captures repeat customers
  • Reminds previous customers to shop again
  • Custom printed shopping bags are often reused
  • Low cost advertising
  • Wide range of custom options

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Custom Printed Retail Bag Features

At American Plastics Company we create custom printed plastic bags that stand out in a crowd. Our fully customizable retail bags provide an exclusive look that assists the customer with carrying their purchased merchandise, while providing a distinct look that will build your company’s brand and image. Some of the additional features of our custom plastic bags, includes:

  • Custom plastic shopping bags printed or unprinted
  • Perfect for retail stores, restaurants, trade shows and more
  • Custom printed bags are a great tool for increasing brand awareness
  • Variety of bag styles with custom size, color, and feature options

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American Plastics Company is your best source for wholesale custom retail packaging. Whether you need custom die cut bags for a trade show, shopping bags for a clothing store, or take out bags for a restaurant, American Plastics Company can make the custom retail bags your business needs.

At American Plastics Company we can create a custom plastic retail and merchandise bags to perfectly fit your needs. Contact us for more information on our customized plastic retail and merchandise bags options, or request a quote to place an order.  

Standard Wholesale Retail Merchandise Bags and Wholesale Shopping Bags

Standard wholesale retail merchandise bags and wholesale shopping bags are available through our sister company Four Star Plastics.