Custom Newspaper Bags

American Plastics Company is your best source for custom plastic products, including poly bags, poly film, and poly sheeting. American Plastics Company offers custom low-density poly newspaper bags for delivering newspapers, flyers, or catalogs in any weather.

Our plastic newspaper bags will help you deliver your newspapers in one piece by not exposing them to outside moisture and weather. These custom newspaper bags are made in low-density polyethylene and can come perforated for easy tear-off and packaging.

If you are looking to get a custom gauge, custom print, custom size, or any other custom feature on our bags, please contact us today or request a quote for custom poly newspaper bags.

Premium Quality Custom Poly Newspaper Bags 

American Plastics Company low-density custom newspaper bags can be made in gauges between .8 – 4 mil. Low-density bags have great puncture and stretch resistance and are the most predominant type of film used today.

Custom poly newspaper bags can be made in clear or other colors and can come mounted on a header for quick loading.

We also have custom door knob hanger bags, which are exactly the same as newspaper bags, but it has a hang hole that fits most standard doorknobs. The doorknob bags are useful for hanging newspapers or magazines to the doors. 

Features of Custom Poly Newspaper Bags

  • Custom plastic newspaper bags printed or unprinted
  • Helps you deliver newspapers or literature in one piece by not exposing them to outside weather
  • Can be printed with a suffocation warning
  • Made from low-density polyethylene and can come perforated for easy tear off
  • Custom newspaper bags can be made in gauges between .8 – 4 mil
  • Great puncture and stretch resistance

Please contact our excellent customer service specialists if you have any questions about custom poly newspaper bags features or options. 

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Standard Wholesale Poly Newspaper Bags and Other Plastic Packaging In Stock and Ready to Ship Today

With 16 warehouses located across the US and an extensive selection of in stock sizes of plastic bags, poly film, poly tubing and plastic sheeting, you can count on our quality and experience to deliver the plastic packaging you need for your industry with fast shipping anywhere in the US.

To order standard wholesale poly newspaper bags or standard wholesale door hanger bags or any other plastic packaging, please visit our sister company Four Star Plastics today! Our wholesale plastic bags, tubing and film are the perfect solution for all your protective packaging needs!