Custom Plastic Mattress Bags

Custom Poly Mattress Bags

Custom Mattress Bags

American Plastics Company is your best source for custom plastic products, including poly bags, poly film, and poly sheeting. American Plastics Company offers custom poly mattress bags, which help provide dirt and dust protection for your mattress during moving and storage.

Our custom poly mattress bags are perfect for transporting mattresses or box springs that need to be properly secured. Our fully customized printing feature allows you to effectively market your company, or product while securely transporting your mattress or box spring.

If you have any questions regarding our custom poly mattress bags, please contact our customer service specialists to help get the answers you need or request a quote to start your custom poly mattress bag order today.

Custom Gusseted Poly Mattress Bags

American Plastics Company’s custom poly mattress bags can be vented on both sides typically 3” from the side, with properly spaced holes. Our custom gusseted poly mattress bags also feature side gussets to help fit each mattress cover onto the mattress more easily. These custom poly mattress bags are wound on 3” cores with the core plugs having a 1” diameter hole.

Perforated Custom Fitted Mattress Bags

At American Plastics Company all our custom poly mattress bags come perforated between each bag for easy tear-off and dispensing. Standard mattress bags usually have 8” or 9” gussets. Pillowtop mattress bags can have 12”, 15”, or 18” gussets.

All stock custom fitted mattress bags have a medium slip content, but we can provide custom mattress bags to meet your specific needs! We have the capabilities of creating custom plastic box spring bags, and mattress bags, with surfaces that are rated for no slip, low slip, medium or high slip. Additionally, we can create custom plastic mattress bags with no slip for stacking purposes. These anti-slip surfaces can help prevent a mattress from falling.

Custom Poly Mattress Bags With Vent Holes

American Plastics Company’s custom poly mattress bags have the option of containing vent holes, which helps to remove excess air while packaging. These vented custom plastic box spring bags are available with either standard or pillow top functionalities. Additionally, our custom poly mattress bags are made with 100% renewable energy and strong low-density polyethylene material.

Custom Fitted Mattress Bag Features

Our custom plastic mattress bags provide a bevy of features that make them ideal for transporting mattresses and box springs. Some of the key features of our custom plastic box spring bags, include:

  • Custom poly mattress bags printed or unprinted
  • Offers protection for your mattress during moving and storage
  • Can be made with vents on both sides
  • Perforated between each bag for easy tear-off and dispensing
  • Custom gusseted poly mattress bags feature side gussets for improved fitting
  • Can be made with custom sizes, gauges, vent holes, and slip content

Please contact our excellent customer service specialists if you have any questions about our custom plastic mattress bag features or options.

Fully Customized to Your Exact Specifications

For custom mattress bags, we can produce layflat bags up to 98” wide and gusseted bags of up to 150” wide (width + depth) in gauges between .75 – 8 mil. If you want a custom slip content, custom vent holes, custom gauge, custom print, or custom size, please contact us today to get a custom poly mattress bag quote.

Standard Wholesale Poly Mattress Bags

If you need a standard wholesale plastic mattress bags, visit our sister company Four Star Plastics to see the stock sizes available.

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