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Plastic Icing Bag

Custom Icing Bags

American Plastics Company is your best source for custom solutions for food and bakery applications. We can make the custom poly icing bags to fit your needs. Icing bags, also known as piping bags, pastry bags, or cake decorating bags, can serve many purposes. Whether you’re decorating a cake, filling pastries with whipped cream or cannoli cream, or refining the presentation of a side dish, having the right poly bag makes all the difference. American Plastics Company can help you determine the best custom icing bag solution for your unique purpose. If you are looking for a custom poly icing bag, request a quote now or Contact our customer service specialists for more information or to discuss your custom requirements. 

Custom Pastry Bags for Bakery Applications

Icing Bags, made from LD polyethylene, are usually triangular shaped, hand-held bags that can be used for a wide variety of food applications. American Plastics Company can make custom icing bags that fit your needs. These bags can be made in different sizes, thicknesses, and with special performance additives for specialized needs. For freezer applications, we can add EVA or other additives to keep bags pliable in extreme temperatures. For easy-open functionality, a high- slip additive could be the solution.

Custom printing is another feature you might want to consider when purchasing poly bags and other materials for your application. Custom printed bags are an important component of cohesive brand image, and a way to increase brand awareness. Icing bags can be printed with your company name, logo, slogan, and most any other design elements you come up with. We have a huge selection of custom print and film colors available so your custom bag will be uniquely yours. If you need an icing bag in a custom size or thickness, with custom printing, or custom features, request a quote today or contact us for more information. If you are looking for custom bread or bakery bags, or other poly food bags, see our custom bread bags page or check out our custom poly food bags.

Features of Custom Icing Bags

  • Custom poly icing bags, printed or unprinted
  • For decorating, bakery or other food applications
  • Custom decorating bags, pastry bags, and piping bags
  • Bags with your custom text, design, or logo
  • FDA approved poly icing bags at wholesale prices