Custom Printed Plastic Food Bags

Custom food-safe plastic bags serve dual purposes, providing branding opportunities as well as protecting food products and keeping them fresh. Restaurants, produce stands, grocery stores, and more, can benefit from wholesale custom printed food bags.

We manufacture high-quality custom plastic food packaging bags with a variety of special functions and features. Customization options include venting, wickets, and custom closures, as well as performance additives such as metallocene, which keeps freezer bags pliable, and clarity enhancers for crystal clear visibility.

Advantages of Custom Food Packaging Bags

American Plastics Company offers FDA/USDA approved food bags in a variety of styles, sizes, and gauges (thicknesses),. Our custom features meet the needs of bakeries, grocery stores, commercial kitchens, produce stands, and more. Whether you’re vacuum packing poultry or looking to keep produce fresh, we have custom solutions you need.

  • Custom printed plastic food bags are available with most any lettering, logos, or other designs you need
  • Multiple sizes, styles, custom features, and performance additives available
  • Poly bags and plastic packaging film for food processing, production, handling, and more
  • Custom plastic bags for food are manufactured from FDA- and USDA-approved materials

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FDA & USDA Approved Custom Plastic Food Packaging

Find the right custom food packaging bags with the FDA approval and USDA certification. American Plastics Company offers a large selection of FDA and USDA certified custom food-grade plastic bags and food packaging materials safe for food contact, including:

  • Auto Bags: Custom pre-opened bags used with automated packaging machines.
  • Bags on Rolls: Flat or gusseted, bags on rolls provides a dispensing option for food production and other applications.
  • Bread Bags: Keep your baked goods fresh with custom plastic bread bags.
  • Flat Poly Bags: Our flat poly bags are versatile, with width options up to 90” on rolls.
  • Gusseted Bags: Available by the case or on rolls, gusseted poly bags have expandable sides that provide extra space.
  • Leak Proof Bags: Our leak proof bags are manufactured with EVA providing added seal strength to prevent leaks.
  • Produce Bags: Ideal for supermarkets and grocery stores to keep produce fresh and protected.
  • Tamper Evident Zip Top Bags: Engineered with bottom-loading capabilities, our tamper evident plastic bags will secure your items and keep them from unwanted tampering.
  • Vacuum Sealer Bags: Vacuum seal your food products to keep them fresh and protected for easy storage.
  • Poly Discs / Lid Liners: Ideal for a wide range of applications, lid liners provide an economical way to protect your drum tops and pails.
  • Reclosable Bags: Perfect for food packaging, our reclosable bags are available in a wide range of sizes and styles. 
  • Wicketed Bags: Bottom gusseted wicketed bags available in poly, polypropylene, or microperforated.

Wholesale Custom Food Poly Bags for All Applications

Depending on your application, you might need wholesale custom plastic food packaging bags that reduces waste, seals in moisture, closes securely, or keeps air out. American Plastics Company can help you determine what features you need in your custom food bags, ensuring you have the most effective custom plastic food-grade solution for your needs. 

Personalized Plastic Food Bags

Custom printed food bags can help your products stand out from the crowd and increase brand awareness. A consistent, custom design across all product lines can bring your assortment of baked goods or other foods to life.

  • We can print custom food-safe plastic bags and plastic packaging film with most any design, text, or logo you need. We offer a vast selection of film colors and print color options.

Order Bulk Custom Food-Safe Plastic Bags

If you’re looking for custom printed food-grade plastic bags, look no further than American Plastics Company. Request a quote or contact us for custom food packaging solutions today. Custom printed food bags are available with most any lettering, logos, or other designs you need.

  • Multiple sizes, styles, custom features, and performance additives available
  • Poly bags and plastic packaging film for food processing, production, handling, and more
  • Food safe bags and packaging manufactured from FDA- and USDA-approved materials

Standard Wholesale Poly Food Bags, Food Packaging and Other Plastic Packaging in Stock and Ready to Ship Today

With 16 warehouses located across the US and an extensive selection of in stock sizes of plastic bags, poly film, poly tubing and plastic sheeting, you can count on our quality and experience to deliver the plastic packaging you need for your industry with fast shipping anywhere in the US.

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