Custom Compactor Bag

Custom Compactor Bags

American Plastics Company is your best source for custom poly garbage bags and trash can liners. When you need a bag that will stand up to the force of a trash compactor or hold more weight than a typical can liner, American Plastics Company offers custom compactor bags. Compactor bags differ from traditional garbage bags because they are specially designed to withstand extra pressure from compacted garbage. The sturdy tubular construction and durable material used to make our compactor bags help prevent rips and tears that can occur with sharp edges from food waste or other materials. Heavyweight compactor bags are made with heavy gauge LDPE and bottom weld construction to help prevent tearing at the seams. We typically offer custom compactor bags in linear low density polyethylene, for added strength.

Custom Garbage Compactor Bags

We can make compactor bags in the size and thickness for most any application. For more specialized applications, we offer a range of film additives. Please contact us today to discuss your custom specifications. 

Features of Custom Compactor Bags

  • Durable compactor bags designed to hold up to sharp objects
  • Available in linear low density polyethylene for added strength
  • Compactor bags and can liners available in custom sizes and gauges
  • Tubular construction helps prevent rips and tears
  • Sturdy and reliable compactor bags at great prices

If you are looking for a standard size compactor bag, visit our sister company Four Star Plastics to check the stock sizes offered. If you still have questions, feel free to contact our excellent customer service specialists.