Clear Poly Bag Tubing

Custom Clear Poly Bag Tubing

American Plastics Company is your best source for wholesale custom plastic products, including poly bags, poly film, tubing, and sheeting. Poly tubing is a flexible packaging solution for a variety of applications. We offer clear poly bag tubing with options for many custom sizes, gauges, prints, and other additional custom features. Clear poly bag tubing allows for easy identification of the product inside. With custom printing, tubing can feature your business name, logo, or other important information.

Poly bag tubing is a continuous roll of polyethylene material that is open at both ends. This allows the user to cut and seal the material to fit their unique purpose. Poly bag tubing is ideal for packaging objects of varying lengths, as well as long or oddly shaped objects that do not conform to a traditional bag.

Our custom poly bag tubing is available to be made flat or gusseted and wound on 3” cores to fit most automatic or manual packaging machinery. Our tubing comes on rolls, making it easy for you to package your products quickly and with precision. Poly bag tubing can be cut to the necessary length for each product, and sealed with a heat sealer, tape, staples, or twist ties.

Custom Poly Bag Tubing for Many Applications

Custom poly tubing provides a simple way to help protect your products from outside elements such as dirt or water. Our custom poly tubing can fit long and oddly shaped products that do not fit in traditional bags and help give them protection or a professional presentation on the shelf. Poly tubing can be used to package everything from food products to medical devices.

American Plastics Company can make custom poly bag tubing in custom colors, with custom printing and optional performance additives, and additional custom features as needed.

If you are looking to get a custom gauge, custom print, custom size, performance additive, or any other custom feature on our tubing, please contact us today or request a quote now.

Custom Clear Poly Bag Tubing Features

  • Custom poly bag tubing printed or unprinted
  • Poly bag tubing is an efficient way to package long or oddly shaped items
  • Custom poly bag tubing is manufactured and wound flat or gusseted on 3” cores
  • Custom made for a variety of applications such as packaging sensitive electronics, medical supplies, food products, and much more

If you have any questions about our custom clear poly bag tubing, please contact our customer service specialists to get the answers you need. If you are looking for standard size Clear Poly Bag Tubing, visit our sister company Four Star Plastics to check the selection of stock sizes offered.

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