Custom Plastic Bags, Shopping Bags, Retail Bags, Food Bags, Poly Film, Poly Sheeting & Poly Tubing

Fully Customized Plastic Bags

Our premium custom plastic bags possess excellent tensile strength and meet numerous government standards. They can be manufactured with a wide variety of custom features including: color, size, styles, designs and more. At American Plastics we can create custom bags with logo or other branded messaging for nearly any type of industry.

Custom Plastic Protective Packaging

Count on American Plastics Company for all your protective packaging needs. We offer protective packaging for food, medical biohazard bags, garment bags, poly mailers, plastic zipper bags, and more.

fully customized plastic bags
custom printed plastic retail and merchandise bags

Custom Plastic Retail Bags & Merchandise Bags

American Plastics Company provides numerous options when it to custom shopping bags and custom retail bags. These types of custom printed plastic bags with logo or other printed branding are ideal for use in restaurants, retail stores, trade shows and more. These bags can also be fully customized to meet your exact needs for functionality, branding and marketing. Some of the types of custom printed plastic bags that we offer, include: Custom shopping bags, custom restaurant takeout bags, custom thank you bags and more.

Custom Poly Film & Sheeting

If you pack and ship large volumes of inventory, fully customized poly film and sheeting can provide an added advantage over non-customized plastic film. American Plastic Company's custom film and sheeting allows you to add your own customized printed logo, design or brand messaging to the poly film and sheeting materials, which adds a distinct and professional look to the products that you are shipping. Some of the poly film and sheeting products that can be custom printed, include: poly lid liners, pallet top covers, cleanroom film and tubing, and more.

custom printed plastic retail and merchandise bags
fully customized poly tubing

Fully Customized Poly Tubing

If you are packaging smaller items or depending on your product packing requirement needs, you may benefit from American Plastic’s custom printed poly tubing material. This material is extremely flexible and can be cut individualized lengths to uniquely support each product. Some of the custom poly tubing options that can be created, include: Black conductive tubing, anti-static tubing, cleanroom tubing and more. We can also produce fully customized poly tubing in a wide range of colors, designs and additional beneficial features.

Custom Food Bags & Film

At American Plastics Company our custom food bags and food service films are FDA and USDA approved. We offer custom designs and colors that will make your packaged food product stand out from the others within the supermarket. Some of the fully customized food bags and film that we offer, include: Bread bags, leak-proof bags, produce bags, vacuum sealer bags, freezer bags, zip top bags, reclosable bags, gusseted bags and many more. In addition, all our custom food bags can be custom designed with your company’s logo, brand color scheme or other unique designs that you may want to incorporate.

custom food bags and film
customized bags guarantee

Fully Customized Plastic Bags Quality Guarantee

At American Plastics Company we fully guarantee the quality and craftsmanship of all our custom plastic bags. Our bags are uniquely designed to provide three times the tensile strength and two times the tensile strength of conventional low-density bags. We also utilize efficient renewable energy practices through our domestic manufacturing processes. Through innovation and advanced quality design processes American Plastics Company takes pride in providing our customers with the best overall value when it comes to their fully customized plastic bag needs.